The Visual Arts Minor

Get Creative & Explore Your Artistic Side!

Visual Arts

The visual arts minor at NC Wesleyan University exposes students to art forms such as ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, design and computer graphics.

Minor Requirements: 

  • ART 104, 107, 108, 202, 205, 301

ART 101 Art Appreciation (3 Semester Hours)

An introduction to the understanding and appreciation of the visual arts through a broad survey of the principles of art, architecture and visual media.

ART 104 Drawing I (3 Semester Hours)

This course in freehand visualization introduces students to various drawing materials, line quality and expression, composition, simple perspective, tone and shading. Personal creative expression is encouraged.

ART 107 Sculpture: Design and Expression

This course introduces the student to the sculpture process and three-dimensional design concepts. Technical methods of carving, clay-modeling, wood and metal construction are explored.

ART 108 Painting: Fundamentals (3 Semester Hours)

This course will introduce acrylic painting methods, color mixing, composition and techniques of observed subject matter and pictorial representation. Some drawing experience and/or ART 104 preferred.

ART 191 Research Topics (1-6 Semester Hours)

An area of study of interest to the student and usually taught on a one-on-one basis between a faculty member and student.

ART 195 Special Topics (1-6 Semester Hours)

A study of selected topics.

ART 202 Computer Graphics (3 Semester Hours)

The student will follow a sequence of creative design exercises involving basic operations using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PageMaker, HTML and Front Page applications. They will explore the fundamentals of practical design applications including color graphics, typography and website visuals. The project sequence will encourage both conceptual and aesthetic evolution as well as practical technical understanding of available hard- and software.

ART 205 Painting: Water Media (3 Semester Hours)

Introduces the traditional approach to water-based transparent painting medium including concepts of color theory. Drawing and composition will be stressed in painting from observation, response to text and imagination.

ART 301 Creative Capstone Art Studio (3 Semester Hours)

Prerequisites: ART 104, 107, 108, 202, 205

The student will be guided through the exploration of how the content theme and technical form in art expression are interdependent. The student will explore a single theme in each media area in computer graphics, painting, ad sculpture.