The Entertainment Arts Major

Learn the essential elements of entertainment and theater and get all the props!

The Department of Entertainment Arts

The B.A. in Entertainment Arts is a liberal arts degree intended to introduce students to the essential elements of areas in the entertainment industry. This broad-based degree exposes students to primary elements in the field with courses in history and literature, skill-building and production work, with options to concentrate in: Theatre, Cinema & Media Arts or Music Production.

Bachelor of Arts

Major Requirements:

  • Introduction to Entertainment
  • Presentation
  • Production Methods
  • Production Design
  • Contemporary Plays
  • Junior Seminar in Performance Theory
  • Survey of Theater History
  • Presentation Directing
  • Senior Project

Minor Requirements:

  • Presentation
  • Production Methods
  • Contemporary Plays or
  • Survey of Theater History
  • Minimum 3 hours in applied production hours from Writing I and/or Applied Production
  • One (3 hour) upper-level ENT elective

Additional coursework may be required for admission into a specific school’s program and entry into professional school may require a specific number of hours in related volunteer work.

Career Options

  • Scriptwriting/Screenwriting for Live or Recorded Productions
  • Production Technology for Facilities or Theatre Companies Including Sound, Lighting, Set-making
  • Manage an Entertainment Facility or Theatre
  • Acting and Directing Shows for Organizations, Companies or Theaters

Entertainment & Theatre Faculty

Roger Drake, M.F.A.

Professor of Theater
Entertainment/Theatre Program Coordinator
M.F.A., Ohio University