Wesleyan Singers

Join the Wesleyan Singers

The Wesleyan Singers are one of the oldest performing ensembles on campus, composed of students, faculty, and members from the community. The group performs each semester, both on campus and in the community, and also professionally records its repertoire.

Our university chorus seeks more student voices for the Fall 2023 semester!

The chorus is open to any NCWU student who enjoys singing and wants to improve their vocal skills. You will learn a wide variety of classical and contemporary music.

You can join the chorus for fun or for general education credit: three semesters of Wesleyan Singers (MUS 171) satisfies the Art, Music, Entertainment, and Theater general education requirement. If you take chorus for credit, it counts as one semester hour per semester.

Wesleyan Singers Practice in Fall 2023: TTH 2:40-4:10 at the Chapel
For more information, please email Tom Parker at tparker@ncwc.edu.

Wesleyan Singers Soundcloud Tracks