English Testimonials

Develop critical thinking, writing and reading skill— vital to success in any profession and to being an engaged and informed citizen.

What graduates are saying...

I thoroughly enjoyed studying at North Carolina Wesleyan University as an English major. The professors in the English Department were all so helpful, knowledgeable, and insightful. The English Department honestly felt like family to me.

With my English degree I was able to obtain a job and will soon begin my career as an underwriter for United Wholesale Mortgage. At first, I thought I needed a banking or finance degree, but for this position my English background serves well. English is such a broad area of study, and you can do a ton of things with an English degree!”

— Chasadie Searcy, ‘21

“A degree in English allowed me the opportunity to become a middle school reading teacher. Through teaching I am able to impart my passion for reading and critical thinking on to the next generation, while also having the professional flexibility to pursue writing through freelance work. My time in the English department prepared me for several careers by sharpening my critical thinking skills, increasing my ability to communicate clearly to a diverse audience, and helping me develop a more robust understanding of different perspectives. The skills I developed while earning my English degree at NCWC have transferred perfectly into a career in education.”

Quinn Tobias, ‘18

“I work at J & J Editorial, a publishing company in Cary, NC, as a production assistant. I do anything from checking graphics that authors submit for their papers, to checking the papers themselves to make sure they meet all of our standard requirements. The specific journals I work on are for the Public Library of Science (PLoS), an Open Access online publisher, so I see some very interesting studies. The really awesome part of reviewing manuscripts for PLoS is that the studies we publish could make a huge difference in the world around us, especially medical studies.

I love working with authors and doing everything I can to make sure that there is a lot of communication and understanding about manuscript requirements so that authors’ manuscripts move through our production process as smoothly as possible, which makes authors and us very happy! I think the customer service aspect of my job is my favorite part because I love doing everything I can to answer authors’ questions as clearly and as timely as possible, so everyone is on the same page!”

Kaitlin Butler, ‘18

I graduated with a major in English and minors in journalism and art, and now use those skills as a Senior Social Media Strategist for a national agency. Learning how to communicate clearly and effectively to different audiences has given me the tools to work across a variety of industries – there is never a dull moment! The English Department faculty pushed me to develop and hone my copywriting, editing, and critical thinking; those skills now translate to my current work through the testing of various copy and creative variations, audience segments, and bid methods. The experiences I had at Wesleyan laid the foundation for my current work and now help me work with businesses of all sizes to increase revenue and hit target KPIs for their company goals.”

Emily Ugalde, ‘14

I remember my advisor saying to me that, with an English degree, ‘you can do anything.’ She wasn’t wrong! My degree from NC Wesleyan taught me to think critically, make sense of abstract ideas, and communicate effectivelyall skills that are in high demand across the workforce. As a first-generation college student from a rural community, literature exposed me to a diversity of culture, thought, and belief that rivals experiences only available by traveling abroad. This exposure taught me to value and respect diverse perspectives and people, and to be culturally aware and responsivemore skills in high demand across the workforce. As a higher education administrator, I lean on these skills daily. They are integral to my work. My Wesleyan education prepared me for a Master’s in English and subsequently a Doctorate of Education in Higher Education Administration as well as my current career.”

Samantha Raynor, ‘05