English Majors & Minors

Develop critical thinking, writing and reading skill— vital to success in any profession and to being an engaged and informed citizen.

The English Major

The English Major encourages students to explore literature across historical and cultural contexts through survey courses and specialized seminars. Themed classes allow a closer look at specific authors and genres. Students in the major also have the opportunity to hone their professional and creative writing skills through writing and journalism courses. The major emphasizes close reading, critical thinking, and creative problem solving.

Earning a Bachelor of Arts degree requires:  

  • Two of the three sequenced survey courses (World Literature I & II; Literature of the Unites States I & II; British Literature I & II)… OR
    Study in a Genre and two courses from one sequence plus one course from a second sequence (12 semester hours)
  • Two courses from Studies in British Lit. before 1700, Studies in British Lit. after 1700, Studies in American Literature, Studies in Contemporary Literature
  • One course from Studies in International Lit., Ethnic Studies, or Gender Studies
  • One course from Shakespeare or Major Author
  • One course from Advanced Writing or Creative Writing
  • One course from History of the English Language, Children’s Literature, Systems of Grammar and Senior Seminar (33 semester hours)

The English Minor

The English Minor provides students from other academic departments the ability to acquire the humanistic and analytical skills of the traditional English major and apply them to their chosen field of study.

Minor Requirements

  • Two courses from World Literature I & II, Literature of the Unites States I & II, British Literature I & II and Study in a Genre
  • One additional course from Intro. to Literature, World Literature I & II, Literature of the Unites States I & II, British Literature I & II and Study in a Genre
  • One course from Advanced Writing or Creative Writing
  • Two courses from 300-400 level English courses, not including ENG 304 Business Communication (18 semester hours)

The Writing Minor

The Writing Minor teaches the theories and practice of writing across professional genres. Students learn the effective use of rhetoric to adapt their work to specific contexts and audiences and master the design of traditional, digital, and multimodal texts. They will be prepared to meet the shortage of good writers in many fields such as the arts, business, government, education, science, technology, and publishing.

Writing Minor Requirements

  • Advanced Writing, Professional Writing, Writing and Rhetoric, The Writing Portfolio
  • One course from Multimedia Writing or Writing for New Media
  • One course from Journalism, Business Communication or Creative Writing (18 semester hours)

The Journalism Minor

The Journalism Minor introduces students to reporting, writing, and editing for publication or broadcast. Students practice editorial, investigative, feature, sports, and travel writing, and learn the intricacies of copy layout. The minor is connected to the college’s student newspaper, The Decree, which offers students opportunities to contribute to the publication.

Journalism Minor Requirements

Journalism, Editorial Techniques, Advanced Writing, Advanced Journalism and six semester hours of 300-400 level English courses (18 semester hours)