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Julie Perino

Assistant Professor of English



Ph.D., University of Kansas

Teaching Interests

As the Director of the Writing Program, I help design the courses that teach our students about different kinds of writing. As such, one of my favorite aspects of being a faculty member at North Carolina Wesleyan is the chance to teach a variety of writing skills and practices to students at different levels, as I do in my Writing I and Writing II courses, which focus on developing students’ ability to analyze and construct arguments, and to conduct original research. In my technical writing courses, I teach students to vary the form of their writing to meet the standards of their situation and audience, while in my new media courses I help students learn to build their own creative pieces that can impress wider internet audiences. I appreciate the opportunities to work closely with my students that I’ve found at NCWC. Both in and outside of the classroom, I have the privilege to help students achieve their academic goals and prepare them for their future professional lives.


My research interests include digital writing and research studies, particularly having to do with the ways that digital technologies influence students’ composing processes. My other research interests derive from rhetorical genre studies and writing transfer research, and I used the theories of these fields to study students learning, to study the development and implications of new media texts, and to explore the social and historical facets that contribute to new means of communication. I’ve presented my research about students’ writing and learning at the Conference on College Composition and Communication and the Writing Program Administrators Conference; I’ve also published my genre-related work in an anthology on Neil Gaiman.

Courses Taught

  • ENG 490: The Writing Portfolio
  • ENG 472: Writing New Media
  • ENG 373: Multimedia Writing
  • ENG 304: Business Writing
  • ENG 112: Writing II
  • ENG 111: Writing I
  • ENG 090: Basic Writing


Julie Perino

  • School of Humanities
    North Carolina Wesleyan College
    3400 North Wesleyan Blvd.
    Rocky Mount, NC 27804

  • Office Location:
    Pearsall Classroom Building (PCB)
    Room 175