The Department of English at North Carolina Wesleyan University

Develop critical thinking, writing, and reading skills—vital to success in any profession and to being an engaged and informed citizen.

The Department of English

The Department of English teaches students the conscientious use of language through reading and critical discussion of literary texts as well as through intensive study of a variety of writing genres, both traditional and digital. Faculty foster intellectual curiosity by encouraging students to work and think beyond their local contexts. Courses at NCWU stress that critical inquiry—whether in the form of reading, writing or discussion—does not end on the last day of classes, but that it is a relevant and urgent mindset extending into every aspect of our lives.

The English major develops critical thinking, writing and reading skills necessary for success in any field. A core liberal arts discipline, English provides rigorous instruction in traditional and multimedia composition, close reading and analytical thinking, while promoting a commitment to lifelong learning. All English classes beyond the first year are small and conducted in a seminar format to encourage sustained intellectual exchanges between students and faculty.

The Department of English invites students to pursue their specific interests by offering a variety of major and minor options:

  • English Major & Minor: Both the general major and minor emphasize reading and writing about literature from a wide range of historical and cultural contexts. You may also take courses associated with the other minors in the department.
  • Writing Minor: The writing minor emphasizes traditional and digital writing across genres and academic disciplines.
  • Journalism Minor: The journalism minor emphasizes writing for and production of news media.

Our students pursue careers in education, law, journalism, public relations, advertising, marketing, federal and state government services, and social work. For more information, visit our Careers page.