Communication Major & Minor

Society’s flourishing depends on people who can communicate professionally and theoretically.


Communication Major & Minor

Communication majors are encouraged to complete an internship as part of their study. Some Communication majors choose to intern at WHIG-TV, a local television station housed right here on campus. Past students have interned with WUNC and PBS NC.

Students interested in media production or broadcasting are often involved with BGA News, our campus news program, where they develop original reporting on the issues that matter most to them.

If you are wondering if Communication is a good fit for you, you may want to explore the websites of some of the following professional organizations: the National Communication Association, the International Communication Association, the Society for Cinema and Media Studies, the Public Relations Society of America, and the Popular Culture Association.

Contact the Program Coordinator, Dr. Jason Buel, at for more information.

Earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication requires… 

Taking all six of our core courses:

  • ENG 130: Fundamentals of Communication
  • COM 200: Mass Communication
  • COM 215: Interpersonal Communication and Culture
  • COM 300: Communication Theory
  • COM 308: Communication Research Methods
  • COM 499: Senior Seminar in Communication

Plus seven electives, at least four of which must be upper-level courses (300s or 400s):

  • COM 191: Research Topics
  • COM 195: Special Topics
  • COM 220: Film Analysis
  • COM 310 Argumentation and Advocacy
  • COM 400: Documentary and Social Change
  • COM 421: Supervised Internship in Communication
  • COM 495: Special Topics
  • CIS 201: Web Authoring and Publishing
  • CMA 205: Intro to Video Production
  • CMA 305: Advanced Video Production
  • CMA 370: World Film History
  • CMA 405: Producing Community Media
  • CMA 470: Film and Media Theory
  • ENG 210: Journalism
  • ENG 211: Editorial Techniques
  • ENG 304: Business Communication
  • ENG 310: Advanced Journalism
  • ENG 320: Sports Writing
  • ENG 370: Professional Writing
  • ENG 373: Multimedia Writing
  • ENG 415: Writing and Rhetoric
  • ENG 472: Writing for New Media
  • ENT 140: Oral Communication Methods
  • MKT 205: Principles of Marketing
  • MKT 317: Integrated Marketing Communication
  • PSY 315: Psychology of Mass Communication

Earning a minor in Communication requires…

Taking the following three core courses:

  • ENG 130 Fundamentals of Communication
  • COM 200 Mass Communication
  • COM 215 Interpersonal Communication and Culture

Plus three of following options, at least one of which must be a COM course:

  • COM 300 Communication Theory
  • COM 310 Argumentation and Advocacy
  • COM 400 Documentary and Social Change
  • COM 495 Special Topics
  • CMA 370 World Film History
  • CMA 405 Producing Community Media
  • CMA 470 Film and Media Theory
  • ENG 304 Business Communication
  • ENG 370 Professional Writing
  • ENG 373 Multimedia Writing
  • ENG 415 Writing and Rhetoric
  • ENG 472 Writing for New Media