School of Humanities

Gain skills that will help you think critically, communicate clearly and solve complex problems.

The School of Humanities

A Wesleyan liberal arts education is designed to expand your thinking, build your confidence and enhance your strengths. Our School of Humanities curriculum and programs equip you with skills that will serve you well throughout your life – critical thinking, effective communication and complex problem-solving skills.

Explore our majors and minors taught by top-notch faculty who are experts in their fields, get acquainted with our honors program and go distances with our study abroad program.

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About the Program

The School of Humanities at North Carolina Wesleyan University prepares students to be life-long learners who are intellectually curious, ethically aware and civically responsible. The humanities are at the center of the liberal arts education here at Wesleyan. Courses offered within this division include Communication, English Literature, Entertainment Arts, Philosophy, Religious Studies and Visual Arts.

Humanities students learn to value the past, appreciate the arts, practice critical thinking and close reading, express themselves clearly in speech and writing, and engage deeply with the important questions of life.

Minors: English, Journalism, Music Production, Religious Studies, Theatre & Visual Arts

Explore Our Majors

Let us help you discover your passion and build the necessary skills for a successful career.
Our School of Humanities majors & minors prepare you for life after NCWU.

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The Taylor-Crocker Honors Program

North Carolina Wesleyan University offers a select group of students the opportunity to complement their degree program with a series of challenging and rewarding courses. Freshmen enrolled in the Taylor-Crocker Honors Program take select freshman courses in English and Humanities. Honors Program students then take one honors course each semester during their sophomore and junior years. As seniors, students complete an honors project in an area of interest.

The Honors Program offers students the opportunity to develop a close community of learning and to take courses from some of the best faculty members at the University. Being in the Honors Program does not add to a student’s course load, but it does add variety and depth to his/her college experience. Transcripts of honors graduates include recognition that they completed the Honors Program.